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Babà in Jar with Tiramisu

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Babà in Jar with Tiramisu.

Available in 540g pot

A taste inspired by one of the iconic desserts of the Italian North-East: Babà with cocoa powder, mocha coffee dip and soft zabaglione filling.

A traditional product with innovative cooking that keeps its characteristics unchanged.

The Babà in jar cooking, artisanal and without preservatives, can be kept for up to a year.

It is prepared, leavened, cooked and soaked directly in the jar, so as to make the taste more concentrated and fragrant, without dispersing the flavors and keeping it as if freshly baked, preserving all its scents and aromas.

Our Babà stands out for the uncommon use of NATURAL YEAST instead of brewer's yeast, which gives it an absolutely unique aroma, aftertaste and softness.

To enjoy it at its best, we recommend opening it at least 20 minutes before serving it.

Baba ingredients:
type "0" soft wheat flour, fresh eggs , butter , sugar, natural yeast (flour of soft wheat type "0"), cocoa, salt, bourbon vanilla

Eggnog ingredients:
sugar, egg yolk, Marsala, flavourings, colouring: E610, acidity regulator: citric acid

Bath ingredients:
water, sugar, prepared with coffee infusion and distillate

Average nutritional values ​​per 100g:
Energy 1222Kj/ 292Kcal - Carbohydrates 38.3g (of which sugars 29.5g) - Proteins 3.9g - Fats 7.7g (of which saturated 4g) - Fibers 0.4g - Salt 0.2g

BabaBì Babà in Vasocottura alla Zuppa Inglese Alchermes e Cioccolato Fondente

Why are our babas different?

In most cases, Baba in Vasocottura uses brewer's yeast to obtain a more stable and faster product in the production chain. However, this compromises the flavor, overpowering the aromas and not making the dough adequately soft.

Our Babà, on the other hand, are created exclusively with natural yeast: through slow leavening at a controlled temperature, the Babà develop softly, maintaining all the nuances of flavour, from the softness of the butter to the gentle touch of Madagascar Vanilla.

Not simply "Sweet"

All our syrups are designed and balanced to give a clear and unique connotation to our Babà, not dominated by the simple sweet taste of sugar but giving the right space to the characteristic flavor of the liqueurs used.

Babà Artigianale al Rhum Farcito con Panna e Crema

The search for the perfect taste

Each flavor of our Babà is the result of multiple tests and experiments, in search of the right balance of the flavors that compose them.

With our Babà you will have the guarantee of a product created with commitment, passion and the search for the perfect balance.

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