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The Pastry Shop

Pasticceria Artigianale Mignon Gianni Saccone Rosà

Pastry by tradition

Taste for passion

Between tradition and taste

Since 1960 we have been offering products that are processed daily on the basis of a continuous and meticulous search for taste, based on the rediscovery of authentic flavors and quality raw materials, with the aim of making the customer rediscover the pleasure of savoring sweets that revive the flavors of tradition. In fact, the strong point of our pastry idea is to not alter in any way the natural taste of the raw materials we use, thus avoiding adding additives to our creations. In addition to the classic proposals and our own production of our patisserie, we also want to pleasing the customer's requests with the aim of satisfying every palate and, above all, mind.

Babà al rhum in Vasocottura

babà in jar cooking

Our natural leavened product par excellence

Meringata alla Frutta

The fresh taste of sweet

Some of our proposals:

La Torta Cheesecake

The Cheesecake

Cannoli di Sfoglia alla Crema

Cannoli with cream

Pastiera Napoletana Artigianale con Grano Cotto


Frittelle di Carnevale ripiene alla Crema, Zabaione e Cioccolata. Spedizioni in tutta Italia!

The pancakes

La Torta con Mousse al Cioccolato

Chocolate mousse

Cannolo Siciliano al Pistacchio

The Sicilian Cannolo

La torta Red Velvet

The Red Velvet

La torta Millefoglie

The Millefeuille

Babà Artigianale al Rhum Farcito con Panna e Crema

The Stuffed Baba

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