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Vesuvio Kg.1 - Pastificio Faella

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Vesuvio Pastificio Faella, 1 kg pack.

The Faella Pastificio was founded in 1907 by Gaetano Faella who dedicated himself body and soul to what had already been a true art in Gragnano for centuries: knowing how to produce good durum wheat semolina pasta. The small company moved to its current headquarters in Piazza Marconi, better known as Piazza S. Leone, in 1919, subsequently under the management of his son Mario Faella and today it is run with unchanged passion, skill and commitment by his grandchildren. For Mario Faella, the life of the PASTA industrialist, since his early youth, has been complete dedication to sacrifice, far from pomp and continually fixed on work with an attitude inherited not only from his father Gaetano, his teacher, but also spontaneous, to face and overcome any obstacle that came his way. With indomitable will, supported by great perseverance, he worked daily with all those who supported him, teaching them dedication and sacrifice to achieve something for Gragnano and the people of Gragnano in this difficult sector, with the courtesy and prudence of the expert and the always necessary attitude aimed at realizing the pre-established objective. Always faithful to the artisan tradition of "making 'and Maccarun' good'", as he loved to say, he starts from the careful selection of the different 100% ITALIAN durum wheat semolinas to be mixed for the production of the day, then continuing with a slow mixing of the themselves with spring water (Funnel), bronze drawing and static drying in the cell (from 18 to 48 hours) at low temperature (max 48° C), a long and meticulous process which gives the final product a valid and indisputable consistency aroma and flavour, while preserving all the organoleptic properties of the raw materials (durum wheat semolina). To guarantee the quality of the product it is necessary to operate with caution, a high sense of responsibility and a relationship of trust with the mills that supply raw materials (semolina), thus managing to satisfy and safeguard the needs of all consumer customers, an invaluable asset for any Agency. From Don Mario comes the inexhaustible wealth of personal experience of decades, even very difficult ones, of hard work in the world of pasta. Thanks to the ancient history of pasta, since October 2013, at a European level, the denomination "Pasta di Gragnano" has been recognized as a protected geographical indication (PGI); this has allowed greater visibility for the product in Europe and around the world, without however changing our manufacturing technique and our concept of quality which has always distinguished us.

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