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Traditional Bolognese Ragù Gr.200 - La Dispensa di Amerigo

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200 gr jar.

The term comes from the French “ragôut”, which means to awaken the appetite, to give more flavour. It is essentially a nutritious stew that includes one or more main ingredients, chopped into small pieces and slowly cooked over low heat. In the past, they were particularly coveted by rich families, they were used on holidays as meat was the main element, availability was lower and the cost was higher. It was initially born as a meat sauce accompanying pasta. Only at the end of 1700, it was Alberto Alvisi, the cook of the then cardinal of Imola, who cooked the first real ragù served with a plate of macaroni. In 1800, however, the recipe began to appear in Emilian cookbooks, becoming an ever-present dish on festive days. Our traditional ragù is produced following the traditional recipe, using beef and pork. You can recognize the aromas of every single ingredient used for this very special sauce. In Emilian homes, ragù is a sauce that can never be missing. Its taste is the result of slow cooking which gives a strong and unique flavour.

To prepare tagliatelle Bolognese, simply follow a few but effective steps. Prepare or buy egg pasta for two/three people. Dip the tagliatelle, paying attention to the cooking times and keeping them al dente. In the meantime, warm a jar of Ragù della Dispensa in a sufficiently large pan. Once the pasta is cooked, pour it into the pan and sauté quickly. The traditional ragù is also ideal for bringing traditional Bolognese lasagne to the table. Prepare or purchase a sheet of egg lasagna, cooking it according to the instructions. Prepare a buttered baking dish, alternate four layers of pastry with the same number of ragù and bechamel, adjusting the quantity of the latter based on personal tastes, sprinkling each layer with Parmigiano-Reggiano. Cook at 180°C for 15-20 minutes depending on the type of oven. Consider three portions for each 200g jar of Ragù.

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