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Saba of cooked must 250 ml - La Dispensa di Amerigo

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250 ml bottle.

Saba is a typical condiment of the Emilia Romagna region, the Marche and Sardinia. It is a syrup made of grapes obtained from freshly ready must. This mixture is poured into a copper pot and left to boil slowly until the Saba is reduced to 1/3 of its initial quantity. Its taste is very sweet and keeps very well thanks to its sugary composition.

The term “Saba” (and “Sapa”) derive from the word “sàpa” which has a direct connection with the Latin term “sàpor”. Historically, when cane and beet sugar were not yet known, it was used as a sweetener together with honey and other fruit juices reduced by cooking. The farmers used this product both for sweet dishes and to flavor simple dishes such as polenta. Today Saba has remained a product used in regional cuisines as a condiment or for the preparation of traditional desserts.

In the kitchen, Amerigo's Saba can be used to season polenta, it can be combined with mature and tasty cheeses but also with fresh ricotta. This product is ideal for preparing game stocks. Saba also goes very well as a salad dressing, for raw or cooked vegetables. Its versatility allows it to also be used for desserts: on cream or cream ice creams, with cooked fruit or with cooked chestnuts.

In summer, added to water or with ice, it becomes an excellent thirst-quenching drink or a base for long drinks.

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