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Venere Brown Brown Rice Gr.500 - Tenuta Castello

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Very aromatic wholemeal black rice. It was born in Italy from the natural cross between an Asian (black) and an Italian variety and is grown exclusively in Piedmont and Sardinia. The typical color comes from the presence of anthocyanins, powerful antioxidants. Contains a large quantity of fibers and mineral salts (Selenium, magnesium, zinc, iron). Having a higher cooking resistance than white rice and a lower release of starch, Venere is used in salads and as a side dish to accompany especially fish. Also excellent for making flour. Established at the Research Center of SA.PI.SE. and has been registered in the National Register since 1997. It is protected by a community patent (European Patent) in favor of SA.PI.SE. (EU4481/1999). Venere is a trademark registered by SA.PI.SE. (VC2008C000019) for Venere rice and its derivatives. In 2008 the "Venere Rice Supply Chain" was established with the release of a specific membership logo, a supply chain of which Tenuta Castello is an official affiliate.

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