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Carnaroli rice 1KG - Tenuta Castello

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Superfine rice which, together with Vialone Nano, occupies the highest quality levels of Italian production. Its birth dates back to 1945 as the result of the cross between the Vialone and the Lencino. Carnaroli starch has a particular composition, very rich in amylose, which makes the grains decidedly consistent during all cooking phases. Its exceptional resistance to cooking and the ability to increase in volume by absorbing liquids, aromas, perfumes and condiments is, together with Vialone Nano, absolutely superior to any other variety of rice. Due to its qualities it is now considered the "King of rice" by chefs and enthusiasts. Ideal for the most refined and well-shelled risottos, but also for rice salads and all haute cuisine preparations also due to the beautiful appearance of the grains.

Its versatility and excellent cooking resistance are obtained thanks to artisanal processing with stone machinery, which, being rigorously regulated and controlled by hand, allows for a very delicate process. The grain, in fact, is not subjected to thermal stress or excessively invasive husking, therefore remaining decidedly darker than other rices on the market and maintaining all its organoleptic and nutritional characteristics naturally unaltered.

Tenuta Castello has joined the list of producers of Carnaroli Classico (a supply chain established and controlled by the National Risi Authority), a guarantee of quality and varietal purity. The term " Classic ", in fact, indicates that the rice in question is 100% Carnaroli, without cuts or mixtures with very similar varieties, which, although permitted by law, would affect the quality of our rice.

For this reason, all our Carnaroli comes from ENSE (Ente Nezionele Sementi Elette) certified seeds (L.E14556-4-11 CTR1718V0401000326).

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