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Lardo di Colonnata PGI - Giannarelli

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Lado di Colonnata PGI Giannarelli, slices of approximately 500g vacuum-packed with wrapping.

The meat, with which the Giannarelli company makes all its cured meats, comes from pigs born, raised and slaughtered only in Italy: they are white pigs, whose weight must be greater than 250 kg, coming from the Po Valley (hence the line classic cured meats) and black Cinta Senese pigs, raised in the wild on Oliviero Toscani's "OT" farm in Casale Marittimo in Tuscany. With these meats the company makes Colonnata Lard, Vergazzata, Guanciale, Steccata Pancetta, Lard Cream and a small production of sausages. Furthermore, with the secret mixture we prepare Colonnata Salt.

For our "Lardo di Colonnata", always and only made by hand without colorings or preservatives, we use lard from heavy Italian pigs whose mature meat will also be used for PDO Parma Ham while, for our "Black Pork Lard" , the meat comes from Cinta Senese pigs.

Always more than 5 cm tall, squared and trimmed, the lard is placed in Colonnata marble basins, then covered with coarse sea salt, black pepper, various spices, Italian garlic and local rosemary. It ages in Colonnata in natural environments for up to 8 months. When cut, it releases spicy and sweet aromas; it has a soft and compact texture, deep sweetness, herbaceous reflections.

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