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Dried Porcini Mushrooms Extra type - Santamaria

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Dried Porcini Mushrooms Extra type by Federico Santamaria, 50g bag.

Dried mushrooms are a concentrate of aromas and flavours
With the traditional drying process used in our laboratory, the taste and aroma of the mushrooms is enhanced and maintained over time. Perhaps not everyone knows that 1 kilo of fresh mushrooms yields an average of 100 grams of dried mushrooms!

Which product to choose?
To preserve their characteristics, porcini mushrooms are processed as soon as they are harvested. Once dried they are selected and divided, by law, into categories of which the three main ones are:
“Extra” which has almost perfect slices with a lighter color tending towards white, mostly intact
“Special” which has darker colored, less intact slices
Finally, "Commercial" which has decidedly dark slices tending towards brown, mostly broken up
The categories do not necessarily correspond to a taste scale. A "chopped" product during processing can easily be as tasty and fragrant as one that appears intact to the eye. And vice versa, a "beautiful" product is not necessarily and automatically good!

How to use them in the kitchen?

Dried porcini mushrooms are protagonists in the Italian gastronomic tradition, as the main ingredient in risottos, sauces, meats, vegetable side dishes and even with fish.
The best way to store the product is inside an anti-freeze bag in the freezer.
Before being used, the product must be soaked in warm water for 10-15 minutes. Once filtered, the water can be used to cook your dishes.

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