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Amerigo Condiment 100 ml - La Dispensa di Amerigo

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100ml bottle.

The Amerigo Condiment is obtained from cooked Trebbiano and Lambrusco must where body, fragrance and freshness blend together to form a balanced and harmonious sweet and sour flavour. This balance makes Amerigo Condiment particularly versatile in its use in the kitchen. The Amerigo Condiment has a higher density than classic vinegars and has an acidity of less than 6.0%. The refinement in small wooden barrels for 4 years gives it a bouquet of delicate aromas, which are found in its cold use in culinary preparations.

Thanks to the versatility of Amerigo Condiment, every preparation will have a tasty flavour. Simply use it together with extra virgin olive oil on raw or steamed vegetables. Prepare an omelette with fresh eggs and, if you like, spring onion stems. Once cooked in a pan, but left soft, serve it on plates accompanied with a few drops of Amerigo condiment. This product is also excellent to use in sweet preparations. Cut the strawberries into cubes of about 1 cm, cover them with sugar and let them ripen for about half an hour. In the meantime, soften some cow's ricotta by adding icing sugar. Prepare cups with the solution obtained, adding the strawberries in equal parts. Garnish with approximately 5g per portion of Amerigo Condiment.

Finally, for a quick and tasty dessert, prepare or obtain a cream ice cream, portion it into cups and sprinkle with a few drops of Amerigo Condiment.

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