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Montecatini wafers covered with Extra Dark Chocolate 100g - Famiglia Desideri

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100g package.

Pack of 6 wafers half covered in dark chocolate

The Cialde di Montecatini are a golden disc full of flavor and the scent of vanilla inside a beautiful collector's package. Montecatini Waffles 6 pieces are the dessert par excellence of Montecatini Terme , a spa town in the heart of Valdinievole.

Tuscany certainly doesn't hold back when it comes to typical products, and the Montecatini Waffles are a precious piece of this "multi-tasty" culinary mosaic.

The recipe has an ancient history and comes from afar, but the ingredients have not changed over time, the same ones used to make a good homemade cake.

Flour , milk and eggs give life to the sheets, very thin and fragrant, finely stamped with one of the symbols of the beautiful Tuscan spa city. In the center a grain of sugar , almonds and vanilla . Two hot plates assemble the sheets and their precious filling in a sweet embrace.

The Cialde di Montecatini, according to the classic recipe , are a very special biscuit, good for any time of day: from a refined dessert to a genuine snack, thanks to the almonds and their properties. They are the ideal accompaniment to tea and coffee. They go wonderfully with chocolate. But you can't help but eat them with ice cream. An obligation to combine them with fresh whipped cream.

All that remains is to try them or let yourself be tempted once again.

Ingredients : type 00 soft wheat flour, sugar, whole milk, fresh eggs, almonds

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