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Cantucci di Prato Extra Dark 180g - Famiglia Desideri

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180g package.

Cantucci di Prato covered in dark chocolate

It is the Tuscan biscuit par excellence, with a comfortable and domestic name, cantuccio or cantuccino, diminutive of "canto" understood as corner, "internal corner of some small room in the house" (Etymological Vocabulary Pianigiano, 1907) or more generally indicates a piece of bread, cheese or similar, cut into slices. This is where the name of this biscuit comes from, Cantuccio di Prato , which boasts an ancient and controversial origin and which in its simplicity, together with the classic Vinsanto , is one of the best-known desserts in Italy and abroad.

The fact that it should be soaked is still surprising: be it sweet, white or red wine, coffee or tea, like brioche in a cappuccino, according to tradition.

Cantuccio dei Desideri is produced following the traditional recipe, without butter and its uniqueness lies in the selection of ingredients: high quality flour (type 1: type 1 flour contains a greater quantity of bran and wheat germ, the most rich in nutrients), almonds, present for 30%, Italian sugar, fresh eggs, wildflower honey and orange.

The ingredients are mixed mechanically but the dough is worked strictly by hand, loaf after loaf. The same goes for the cutting done by hand, biscuit after biscuit, according to gestures that have been repeated for four generations.

This type of processing is a distinctive feature of Cantucci dei Desideri because it gives them greater softness, thus making them more pleasant on the palate.

For those with a sweet tooth, in addition to the traditional cantucci, we have also created Cantucci MACHO, biscuits enriched with chocolate and orange peel, and Tuffati, Cantucci di Prato , a 30% selection of almonds, covered with pure dark chocolate, a true delight for the palate .

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